Boost collection rates with airtight violation management processes

  • Automatic data sync gives managers an accurate, up-to-date inventory of all violations
  • Track repeat offenders and enforce towing or booting policies for vehicles with outstanding violations
  • Export outstanding violations to send to collections or work with one of our integrated partners
  • Manage violations anytime, anywhere, using any device

Simplify managing disputes

  • Violators can file disputes online and attach relevant documents, eliminating phone and mail disputes
  • Choose whether to receive email notifications for new disputes
  • Review disputes from the management portal and choose whether to waive the violation, uphold it, or meet in the middle with a reduced fine amount

See how easy it is to manage violations from a central dashboard.

Expand your capabilities with CiteBlocks

  • Rent out lots and garages for special events and rest assured that officers will not ticket those vehicles by mistake
  • Prevent officers from ticketing the vehicles of lot owners and VIPs
  • Warn officers when a vehicle is on "automatic tow" status due to excessive outstanding violations

Generate reports that impress clients and deliver insights

  • Manage and track violations, officers, fines, and payments
  • Apply filters like markets, locations, violation types, dates, and more
  • Provide lot owners with accountability reports showing each time you patrolled their lot and how many violations have been issued

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

Ready to better track the violations you issue?

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