Solutions for Stadiums & Event Venues

Make every guest a repeat customer and supercharge your revenue with the point-of-sale solution built exclusively for event parking.

Run your event parking in real time

  • Accept any on-site payment method and track it via the cloud
  • Validate prepaid reservations from industry partners and hang tags you issue yourself
  • Strengthen cash control, inventory management, and revenue reporting with a real-time dashboard

Guest experience starts in the parking lot

Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of a big event like long lines and cash-only parking policies. Ballparc Event helps you create a positive first impression by accepting the payment methods they want to use and getting them into their seats quickly.

Control your cash & prevent spillage

Whether it’s employees pocketing cash or guests finding ways to game the system, paper-based parking operations are ripe with opportunity for theft. Ballparc Event’s powerful accountability features give you the upper hand by making red flags obvious so you can quickly take corrective action.

A perfect fit for venues of any size

High function doesn’t have to mean high cost. While Ballparc Event’s powerful cloud-based platform is robust enough to deliver speed and reliability for major events like the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and the college football national championship, our affordable, subscription-based pricing puts smarter event parking management within reach for even the smallest venues.

“From our business standpoint, it’s really helped us by being able to accept credit cards in the lanes, where before all we could do was accept cash. That’s a huge deal in today’s arena…when you have people coming in and you’re charging higher rates for different events, a lot of times they don’t have the cash, where it’s much easier to take a credit card. Being able to accept different barcodes for prepaid tickets, or for hang tags, we couldn’t do that before. So those have been really beneficial to our system.”

“As we launched our first season of live-time event parking pass scanning here at UNC Charlotte, Ballparc, in coordination with ParkMobile, made the launch extremely simple with the use of their scanning app on iPads. This made scanning a breeze!”

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

Improve your guest experience while driving parking revenue.

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