Powerful GPS features deliver accountability from the front lines to the bottom line

Create virtual perimeters around your locations to help monitor officer activity

  • Upon arrival at a location, officers can check in to create a digital record that the location was patrolled
  • Officers are required to be within the virtual perimeter (known as the geofence) around the location to check in
  • An intuitive map guides officers to nearby locations for efficient patrol routing

View officer locations in real time

  • Officer locations are tracked in real-time using their handheld's GPS
  • See a map of the current locations of your officers, and the time elapsed since their location was last recorded
  • See each officer's movements as they patrol their locations

See how you can hold your officers accountable in the field.

Drill down for individual officer details

  • Select individual officers to see up to 7 days of historical performance and location data
  • Quickly assess performance using total tickets issued and tickets issued per hour metrics
  • See the officer's location check in history

Use check-in reports to impress clients and better manage operations

  • All check-in data can be used to generate powerful reports with the click of a button
  • Use detailed check-in reports for internal operations, making sure that no locations are being overlooked
  • Provide location owners with GPS-verified reporting to prove your diligent enforcement efforts

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

Ready to gain visibility into your officers' productivity?

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