Solutions for Municipalities

Lead your city to a prosperous future with a cloud-based, flexible approach to parking management.

Run your event parking in real time

  • Accept any on-site payment method and track it via the cloud
  • Validate prepaid reservations from industry partners and hang tags you issue yourself
  • Strengthen cash control, inventory management, and revenue reporting with a real-time dashboard

Transform the way your city manages event parking

Ballparc helps cities all over the United States create a better event parking experience for their communities while capturing more parking revenue and significantly reducing operating costs. Ballparc Event provides a cloud-based, affordable way to accept new payment methods for event parking and eliminate costly proprietary equipment and maintaining on-site servers from your budget.

Control your cash & prevent slippage

Whether it’s employees pocketing cash or guests finding ways to game the system, paper-based parking operations are ripe with opportunity for theft. Ballparc Event’s powerful accountability features give you the upper hand by making red flags obvious so you can quickly take corrective action.

“Ballparc has been a valuable partner for the Chattanooga Parking Authority since we began using their product. The ability to accept credit cards and have real-time data at our special events has been invaluable for us and allowed us to capture revenue that we couldn’t previously.”

“From our business standpoint, it’s really helped us by being able to accept credit cards in the lanes, where before all we could do was accept cash. That’s a huge deal in today’s arena…when you have people coming in and you’re charging higher rates for different events, a lot of times they don’t have the cash, where it’s much easier to take a credit card. Being able to accept different barcodes for prepaid tickets, or for hang tags, we couldn’t do that before. So those have been really beneficial to our system.”

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

Let's talk about how we can help modernize your city's event parking management.

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