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Ballparc began with a single parking app and developed into a vision for an integrated suite of smarter parking management solutions.

Our Story

Ballparc was founded in 2012 with the launch of our first product, Ballparc Event, which provides parking operations with a cost-effective, flexible system for managing event parking. The ability to accept a variety of payment methods and make decisions based on real-time data empowers operators and venues to better serve their customers, while simultaneously boosting revenue and streamlining operations.

Two years later, we expanded our offerings with the launch of a second product. Ballparc Enforcement brings the sophistication of an end-to-end violation management platform to smaller and mid-market operators, for whom the historically dominant legacy systems were out of reach.

In 2022, Ballparc was acquired by Flash, the leader in connected mobility. Fueled by feedback from our clients and a forward-thinking outlook, our solutions are constantly expanding and evolving to push the boundaries of parking management technology. We’re proud to say that Ballparc systems are trusted by operations in over 38 states across the US and 2 provinces in Canada, and that number is growing all the time.

Our Top Priority is Client Success

Our focus is smarter parking management and we are passionate about equipping parking professionals with the tools they need to improve the parking experiences of people in their communities. We've built our systems around client-focused values.


No two operations are the same. We offer endless customization options to fit your needs.


We are constantly improving our products to keep up with the changing demands our clients face.


Our affordable subscription pricing puts sophisticated technology in the reach of every size of operation.

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

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