Solutions for Parking Operators

Grow your parking empire with a lean, flexible, and powerful set of tools that keep you on the cutting edge of parking management technology.

Take your ticketing game up a notch

  • Write, track, and manage parking violations in real time
  • Enjoy more revenue and fewer confrontations by accepting payments and disputes online
  • Use innovative GPS-enabled features to manage officer performance and impress your lot owners

Run your event parking in real time

  • Accept any on-site payment method and track it via the cloud
  • Validate prepaid reservations from industry partners and hang tags you issue yourself
  • Strengthen cash control, inventory management, and revenue reporting with a real-time dashboard

Stop letting stale solutions stunt your operation's growth.

Trusted By Industry Leaders in 38+ States

“If you’re not using the Ballparc app for enforcement and events, you’re just not in the game. This team continues to deliver. They are always looking to up their game and you can always make a call to the bullpen when you need a closer. I have had nothing but a successful relationship with the team from Ballparc.”

“We switched from paper tickets to Ballparc for our event parking and it’s been one of the best decisions our operation has made.”

Start the conversation around smarter tools to help grow your parking empire.

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