Healthcare Parking Solutions

Improve the parking experience for employees, patients, and guests while adding a valuable revenue stream to your budget.

Positive Interactions, Positive Balance Sheets

Parking is the first, and last, impression your facility will leave on patients and guests, and plays a major role in their overall experience. Whether you’re handling parking in-house or using a service contractor, it’s important for healthcare facilities to extend the quality care they deliver to patients outside of the building itself. A well-managed parking operation creates convenience for all parties while also producing a positive ROI. Ballparc Enforcement makes it easy to deliver both, with flexible features you can tailor to your unique situation. 

Simplify the challenge of managing multiple zones and shifts in a 24/7 environment

When employees, guests, and patients are coming and going around the clock, parking spaces are in high demand. Without a reliable way to enforce policies and hold vehicle owners accountable, the parking lot can quickly be come a chaotic place that causes problems for everyone involved. Where spreadsheets and paper tickets fall short, Ballparc Enforcement comes through in flying colors. Customizable violation reasons and automatic data syncing between all of your devices allow you to issue and manage citations with ease.

Avoid Improper Ticketing With CiteBlocks

Nothing stirs up conflict in a healthcare facility like a well-intentioned parking officer unknowingly ticketing a doctor’s car during their shift. Ballparc Enforcement’s CiteBlocks feature makes it easy to avoid these situations by warning or preventing officers from issuing violations to a specific license plate number. You can also use location-based CiteBlocks to manage various zones and shifts in coordination with your guest and employee parking passes. 


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Let's talk about how we can help you create a better parking environment
Let's talk about how we can help you create a better parking environment