Boost collection rates and minimize conflict with your own customer payment portal

Boost collection rates

You will be amazed at how much your collection rates improve when you make it easy and simple for violators to pay you. Accepting online credit card payments for parking violations allows customers to pay at their convenience without having to make a trip to your office or mail a check. The result is more collections in less time.

  • Direct violators to your payment portal, customized with your logo and colors to maintain consistency with your brand
  • Violations are available for payment as soon as they are issued
  • Our cloud-based platform provides secure transactions through a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider

Minimize clerical workload

The online payment portal significantly reduces the amount of time your staff needs to spend fielding phone calls, processing card payments, depositing checks, and all the other little things that eat up labor hours.

  • Violators can view all details of their violation online
  • Credit card payments are automatically reflected in your records
  • Funds are directly deposited on a daily basis

See how to collect more violation revenue in less time.

Encourage efficient disputes

Customer disputes are inevitable, but the online portal reduces their frequency and makes the process much more efficient and friendly. Instead of calling in or barging into your office, the whole process takes place online.

  • Vehicle and signage photos taken during violation issuance are viewable in the payment portal
  • Reduce disputes by allowing violators to see the evidence
  • Violators are prompted to support their dispute by uploading receipts or photos

Streamline dispute resolution

Reduce the back and forth once a dispute is received. Your team can quickly review the violation and dispute details to make a speedy resolution. Email notifications keep the violator in the loop at all times without the need to call your office for an update.

  • Review the violator's explanation for the dispute along with any attached receipts or photos
  • Choose whether to waive the violation, uphold it, or meet in the middle with a reduced fine amount
  • Automatically send your decision to violators via email

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Ready to boost collection rates while reducing busy work?

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