New GPS Features Give Officer Productivity A Boost

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Ballparc is excited to announce the rollout of several new GPS-enabled features to our Enforcement app. These new updates help enforcement officers work more efficiently, while also providing managers with a new level of visibility into their parking operations. In this post, we’ll explore how these new features improve the workflow of officers in the field.

The Officer’s View Tells Them Where To Go

The app interface for officers now features a GPS map view showing the officer’s current location, and the location of any nearby lots. This makes it easy and intuitive for officers to make their rounds efficiently without unnecessary backtracking or overlooked properties.

Each lot location is represented by a red pin. The black dot indicates the officer’s current location.

Ensure Accountability With Check Ins

Ballparc Enforcement now uses geofencing to allow officers to Check In at their route locations. Checking in provides a time and date stamped digital record that the officer was on-site. This information allows managers to assure (and prove to) lot owners and clients that their parking assets are being diligently patrolled.

Checking in requires officers to be within range of the Location. If they’re not physically at the Location, the Check In will not be recorded.

Streamlined Interface For Faster Ticketing

After checking in, officers are presented with the Paid Vehicles list, which tells them exactly which vehicles are paid up and which have expired (or will expire soon). The data for the Paid Vehicles list can be pulled in via integrations with your mobile on-demand partners and the location’s multi-space meter.

The Paid Vehicles list has a shortcut straight into the ticketing workflow to minimize back-and-forth navigation. When the officer reaches the end of the ticketing process, they’re directed back to the Paid Vehicles so they can quickly make their way through all the vehicles at that location.

And This Is Just The Beginning…

These feature upgrades help officers cover more ground in less time, but they also enable some powerful new capabilities on the back end.

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