Announcing New Equipment Options For Ballparc Devices

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Whether you’re fixing a leaky faucet or managing a parking operation, there’s nothing quite like having the right tools for the job.

We take great pride in providing parking professionals with the tools they need deliver outstanding service to their clients and customers. As the parking industry evolves, it’s important that the tools used to manage parking evolve along with it. That’s why you’ll never find us resting on our laurels with solutions that are “good enough”. We’re constantly raising the bar with new features and product improvements to help our clients do more.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we’re please to announce a whole new lineup of equipment options to expand and improve on our Event and Enforcement apps.

High-Quality Zebra Printers For Event and Enforcement

The Zebra name has long been synonymous with quality in the world of handheld printers, and when you print a ticket with one of these bad boys, it’s easy to see why. We’re extremely excited to announce that Ballparc customers can now run their Event and Enforcement operations with their choice of a 2″ or 3″ wide model from Zebra’s ZQ300 line.We chose the ZQ300 series for the exceptional value they provide in all the areas that are critical for performance on the front lines of a parking operation:

  • Long battery life to keep going throughout even the longest and busiest shifts
  • Durability to withstand the bumps, splashes, and extreme temperatures that parking attendants and enforcement officers encounter in the field. (The ability to survive being run over by a car when a forgetful PEO sets their printer on top of a vehicle “just for a second” is still a ways off. Fortunately, Zebra offers an excellent 3-year warranty option)
  • Print speed of up to 4 inches per second (aka “really fast”)
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing so your team can grab their gear and get up and running quickly without any tedious troubleshooting

Oh, and there’s one more thing…the tickets. They look really nice. While it may seem like a small detail to the outside world, parking pros know that there’s something special about a high-quality ticket. Whether it’s a citation notice or a payment receipt on the way into an event, there’s something to be said for the professional image your operation conveys to customers when you hand them a nicely-formatted, crisply printed ticket.

We recommend the 2″ wide ZQ310 model for it’s compact size, but both the Event and Enforcement apps also support the 3″ wide ZQ320 if you prefer a wider ticket.

New Credit Card Terminals

What’s better than fast transactions and flexible payment methods? Even faster transactions and even more flexible payment methods. Ballparc Event users can now choose from two new equipment options for accepting credit cards for parking.

Speed Up Your Swipes With Sleds

If you’re looking for the fastest credit card transactions and longest battery life, look no further than the Linea Pro series. These sled style terminals double as a protective case, and are available in various sizes to fit the specific model of iOS device being used. Whether you prefer iPhones or iPads as your event parking handheld, these high-quality sleds provide excellent durability and protection for your device while enabling attendants to run credit card transactions in as little as five seconds.

(EMV) Chips Are Now On The Menu

In addition to traditional mag stripe transactions, Ballparc Event now supports chip card (EMV) processing on major processing platforms including Global Payments, First Data Nashville, and TSYS. Operations requiring EMV transactions can choose to supplement their existing card terminals with the Castles MP200, or use the Castles as a standalone terminal. This terminal does accept mag stripe transactions as well, but requires a chip to be used when the card has one.

As if that versatility wasn’t enough, the Castles MP200 also enables Ballparc Event users to accept Apple Pay. More ways to pay, happier customers, more revenue. Everybody wins!

Ready to take your handheld game to the next level?

Drop us a line at and let’s talk about how we can provide you with the tools you need in your parking toolbox.

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