Give Your Event Guests The VIP Treatment

Ballparc Event provides a versatile set of tools for anyone managing event parking. From accepting credit card payments and validating reservations on the spot to tracking revenue and space counts in real time, venues and operators have everything they need to keep the lines moving and the guests smiling. 

But what about those extra special guests who are given the sacred privilege of parking for free? 

How do you go about letting your attendants know who they are so they don't get charged?  

And if you're keeping a close eye on your lot inventory (which you should be, because you're savvy like that, right?) how do you make sure that freebie entry doesn't throw off your space count? Well, read on, my lot-ruling friend...

Our customers asked, and we delivered.

Now you can keep a running list of VIP's who get free parking for your events. 


Flexible parameters to control access

Adding to your VIP lists is a breeze in the management portal. For each VIP guest, you can choose 

  1. Which event(s) they get into for free
  2. How many redemptions they get
  3. What type of VIP they are (optional for segmenting in reports later)

As soon as guests are added to your lists, your attendants will see that reflected on their mobile apps. So all your VIP's will have to do upon arrival is say "I'm on the list" and they're good to go. 

 Ol' Tom Sawyer here is about to get some free event parking

Ol' Tom Sawyer here is about to get some free event parking

Keep your data on the up and up

After a VIP entry is completed, their remaining number of free entries is updated, and your space count is, too. Ah, the beauty of real-time data syncing. 

The VIP List feature is now live, so current Ballparc customers will see it in their management portal and mobile apps.  Got questions about using VIP Lists? Login to our Customer Help Center or drop us a line a

Find out how Ballparc Event can help you tame the chaos in your event parking operation.

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